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Quality.TV, a project by Florian Friedrich and Joe Kane is a innovative source for professional test- and demo materials in Full HD and Ultra HD resolution. Our tools are designed based on the needs of some of the leading review magazines as well as R&D departments of leading manufacturers for consumer electronic devices.

Ultra HD and HDR test materials
on Ultra HD Blu-ray

In addition to our current products listed below, we're in the process of creating a commercial Ultra HD Blu-ray with Test- and Demomaterials for HDR and SDR. Our Disc will allow to test, evaluate and optimize UHD and HDR TVs, projectors, Vvdeoprocessors and more.

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A tech paper explains our suggestions for spatial resolution measurements in detail and provides examples.

Our products: 
advanced UHD resolution and panel test

This set of test patterns and descriptions is suitable for measurements of spatial resolution as well as performing subjective tests. It helps to identify any lack of resolution that may be caused by factors such as the video processing, optical limitations or special subpixel structures.

These patterns are aimed at the needs of test laboratories and reviewers. The still patterns and video files in this package will allow to analyze many aspects of resolution including chroma resolution at 4:4:4 chroma subsampling.

A tech paper explains our suggestions for spatial resolution measurements in detail and provides examples.

For HEVC videos with HDR or HLG:
Software for metadata enhancement of H.264/H.265 (HEVC) video streams to include HDR or HLG

SEIedit is our solution in order to modify VUI and SEI metadata, adding the necessary HDR / HLG meta information to it. 
For fast success within ten minutes after purchasing the software, SEIedit comes with a preset for HDR 10, compatible to many modern TVs with HDR capability. We've also added a preset for HLG.

  • supports 10 Bit and 8 Bit streams
  • supports .ts, .mp4, .mkv containers
  • supports .hevc elementary streams for Ultra HD Blu-ray authoring
  • edits VUI info
  • edits selected SEI messages for HDR purposes, such as mastering display information
  • edits SMPTE 2086 Color Volume info like MaxCLL and MaxFall values for the entire file or multiple timestamps
  • supports batch processing of multiple files using the same preset
  • shows existing metadata info VUI/SEI of the opened file
  • allows injection of Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG)
  • allows deletion or replacement of existing  HDR/HLG metadata

SEIedit does not change the source signal. Your video files are not being reencoded, so we always maintain the highest quality possible.

SEIedit is compatible with Windows 10 and some previous versions of Windows.

*HLG or Hybrid Log Gamma is becoming popular after ITU BT.2100 was published. ITU 2100 supports both, HDR 10 and HLG.

Full HD and Ultra HD universal test

A set of ten essential testpatterns in order to understand and improve the performance of any Full HD and Ultra HD television or projector.

Reviewing and finetuning picture quality is under control with this set of files in different formats from MP4 to a Blu-ray image you may burn on your own computer.

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